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The Restoration of the Shoura Council - Egypt

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The completion of the Shoura Council and the People's Assembly restoration project is the outcome of hard work of AC leaders and workers. Their efforts began by the initial works: the removal of the fire and destruction remnants which amounted to 45 000 m³. Then the concrete covers for the building stone walls (iron beam, Corrugated Sheet and reinforced concrete 6cm thickness). Besides, the state of the art fire fighting systems, central air conditioning, electrical works using cables and fire-resistant pipes. The finishing works including the walls and ceils wooden covers were in accordance with the ancient heritage of the building and were painted by Fire-retardant coating.
There are many new buildings added to the Shoura Council and the People's Assembly. A large hall for the council members was built in addition to electronic library linked with Bibliotheca Alexandrina and the Library of Congress. In addition, a presidential office built on the first floor for the general secretariat, salons for VIP, committees meeting rooms – all these are in the Shoura Council. Concerning the People’s Assembly it was developed and a new multi-purpose hall called “Mubarak Hall” was built (pharonic hall – Arabian hall) for conferences and meeting with the foreign delegation. Besides; a cafeteria in the ground floor in the patio area of the assembly members.
Besides; the electromechanical services building which includes the cooling towers, a water tank 750m³ feeding the fire fighting pumps and electrical phases as feeders for the Shoura Council and the People's through a metal bridge with an engineering system and architectural appearance consistent with the architectural heritage of the building. Besides, lighting works for the outer areas and landscaping works reflecting the beauty and elegance of these buildings.

Monuments Restoration