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Transferring of King Ramsis II from Its Temporary Location to the Grand Egyptian Museum - Egypt

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King Ramsis II transferred from its temporary location to settle on his throne in the Grand Staircase of the Grand Egyptian Museum amidst a great procession. The company has a precedent in transferring the statue of King Ramsis II from Ramsis Square in Cairo to its temporary location next to the Grand Museum in 2006, which was done by creating a system to carry the statue and transport it.
The experience with local and international attention is great because the statue represents a great challenge and it is necessary to provide all means of safety for the statue to reach its current location. When the company was assigned to move the statue to the Grand Staircase of the Grand Museum, a high level team of several departments of the company was settled.
The team started a comprehensive report on the current state of the statue. The statue was released to remove the base below it. All the obstacles surrounding the statue were removed in the traffic lane. The company has designed a system of hydraulic cranes working in both directions which was implemented and tested in the Netherlands in the presence of specialists from the company to ensure the efficiency of operation and work four cranes simultaneously and the capacity of each one of them is 160 tons, with a total capacity more than 600 tons.
The weight of the statue and the bearing system is 150 tons, which means that the safety ratio in the statue is up to 300%. The four cranes work in a synchronous frame so that the statue is raised through a control system that avoids any error and full stability.
This unique system is used in Egypt for the First time. As for the path dedicated to the transfer of the statue, there were the surveying works and soil investigations along the path to 6m depth. The track was designed in accordance with the level of the final installation of the statue and then the implementation of the specific way of transport to bear the heavy weight of the statue and the car system. The transport vehicles have 128 wheels spread over 16 axis to distribute the load on the road.
The weight of the statue at the base was 123 tons and the weight of the statue is 83 tons at an altitude of 11.36m. In the site dedicated to the statue base, the work was done at a depth of 25m. The base was designed at the final level. The statue base and the pedestals were carried out, and then the precast of the first part of the bases filled as a preparation to the entry of the statue.
Also, the works includes the installation of the statue in its final status, continuing the concrete works of the base, monitoring the statue after the final installation and then begin the phase of dismantling the mechanical system carrying the statue.

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