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Development of the Ministry of endowments facades - Egypt

Monuments Restoration   ::  Completed Projects   ::  2015  ::  

Client: Ministry of Endowments
Description: special architectural Style Buildings
The building of the Egyptian Ministry of Endowments. The building is an architectural masterpiece belonging to the Neo Mamluk style. It was built in several stages until it reached its current form. In 1899, Khedive Tawfiq opened the Diwan of Endowments building, then it was expanded by building an annex in 1912, then another annex. In 1929, two neighboring houses were demolished, and a third extension to the building was built in 1936. As for the Ministry of Endowments itself, its establishment dates back to 1835, when Muhammad Ali Pasha, the governor of Egypt, ordered its establishment under the name of the General Endowment Department. The Arab Contractors Company has restored and raised the efficiency of the building’s facades, and established an external wall to protect the sanctuary of the archaeological building, in addition to modify the paths of the power cables.

Monuments Restoration