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Damage repair and rehabilitation of the National Cancer Institute - Egypt

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Client: Cairo University
Description: modern buildings
Work elements: Structural reinforcement - Architectural restoration - Finishing - Sanitary works - Electrical works - Air conditioning - Alarm and firefighting
Business Date: 2019 On August 4, 2019,
a collision between a number of cars resulted in an explosion in front of the National Cancer Institute. The explosion affected 7 cars that were parked in front of the institute, which led to their burning, and the facade of the institute was shattered, while patients, doctors and staff were evacuated from the building, in order to preserve their lives. The Arab Contractors Company was assigned to quickly repair the damages of the National Cancer Institute due to the services it provides to many patients. It includes the internal damage repair works to the building, the internal and external facades of 7 floors, the damage repair works to the floors and the lecture hall, in addition to the repair and renovation of the emergency area, the main entrance, the construction of a rest room for patients’ families, the creation of two floors with early detection clinics, pain treatment, and the establishment of rest stops for doctors, In addition to the reinnovation of administrative buildings, as well as the development of electromechanical works in a comprehensively manner for the building, including electricity, air conditioning, gases and fire-fighting systems. The National Cancer Institute is considered one of the most important medical edifices in Egypt, as it provides distinguished education and training services in all fields of oncology, grants postgraduate certificates, and provides an outstanding level of integrated medical care in an educational and research environment, as well as scientific research in the causes and methods of prevention and treatment of tumors, and community service through policy development. The general public to combat and treat tumors and raise awareness of them. The number of visitors to the outpatient clinics in its various departments for examination and treatment reaches more than 300,000 patients annually.

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