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Restoration of Al Fath Mosque annexed to Abdeen Palace - Egypt

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The mosque's layout is a basic square which a dome is located. 3 blocks of buildings from the western, southern and eastern sides annexed to it with corridors, hallways and rooms to serve the multi purposes of the mosque. The main facade of the mosque in the western side overlooks the garden of Abdeen Palace and its height is 15.70m. In the middle of the western side there is the royal entrance for the mosque and the minaret is in the southeastern side of the mosque.
The restoration works reached about 16 million EGP; it is implemented by the Arab Contractors Company represented by the Monument Restoration Department with the specialized departments. the completed works are the interior works of the mosque which includes the marble floor in the courtyard of the mosque, the restoration and cleaning of the marble cladding for the walls, cleaning and restoration of the minbar, mihrab, marble and granite columns in mosque; interior domes and vaults, ornamental works, installation of the sound systems, interior lighting units and surveillance cameras. In addition to the exterior works of the mosque, there are the cleaning of the facades and minaret’s stone, cooper domes of the roofs, Isolating of the roof tiles, installation works of stone floors in the general site inside the mosque and the main entrance and completing the external lighting works.

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