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Aisha Fahmy Palace and the Complex of Arts in Zamalek - Egypt

Monuments Restoration   ::  Completed Projects   ::  2017  ::  

The palace is built upon 2700m², it is consisting of 2 receptions, a basement and a roof. The scope of works includes: the development, floors strengthen, injection of walls and foundation, restoration for ornaments, wood cladding , textiles, mattresses, canvas, oil paintings, clothing rooms, billiards rooms,…etc.

it is equipped with the attest security systems for museum for safety, anti-theft and fire-fighting. The works include the transforming of the basement into an exhibition hall for plastic art on an area of 1000m. The chambers of the palace are distinguished by the existence of unique silk and linen canvas.

In addition to these, there are European ornaments on the corners which give a distinguished artistic appearance. It is a noteworthy that the palace was owned by Princess Aisha Fahmy daughter of Aly Pasha Fahmy, who was Army Chief of King Fuad I.

Aisha Fahmy Palace was built in 1907. It was designed by Italian architect Antonio Lasciac; in 1958 the palace ownership was given to the Ministry of Culture. In 1975, the then-Minister of Culture Yusuf Sibai made the palace a part of the Arts and Literature Association. In the following year, the palace became the Complex of Arts.

Monuments Restoration