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Restoration and Development of Al-Sayeda Nafissa Mosque - Egypt

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Upon the directives of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi to restore the historic shrines of Al-Bayt, the work was assigned to the Arab Contractors Company by the Armed Forces Engineering Authority, where work started in 1/2022. The work of the first phase began with developing, restoring, and raising the efficiency of the shrine, as well as treating the surface of the shrine and the old mosque. The work of the shrine included the following:
·  Dismantle marble floors and old marble walls.
·  Dismantle the wooden doors and windows and replace them with new oak wood doors and windows.
·  Restoration of the stones inside the shrine and the stucco windows with stained glass.
·  Restoration of the decorations in the dome of the shrine from the inside, as well as the decorations of the wooden surface and the sistle inside the shrine.
·  Dismantling the dilapidated ceiling of the attached room, making a new wooden ceiling (wooden planks), and adding new decorations similar to those in the shrine.
As for the works on the shrine’s roof and the old mosque, they include:
·  Dismantle the old tiles.
·  Treating the wooden surface by replacing the damaged planks as well as the deprecated wooden plate with new ones.
·  New finishing layers, including insulation, ducts, and tiling works.
After the completion of the shrine work, its roof, and the roof of the old mosque, the company, based on the instructions of the Engineering Authority, carried out the second phase of work, which included the following:
·  Treating the roof of the new mosque, including removing the tiles, and making new finishing layers, which are insulation, ducts, and tiles.
·  Restoration and raising the efficiency of the internal and external facades.
·  Restoration of the two minarets and the dome of the mosque.
·  Restoration of the pulpit and mihrab.
·  Restoration of the decorations of the wooden sistle in the middle of the old mosque.
·  Raising the efficiency of the old mosque paints.
·  Raising the efficiency of wooden doors and windows, making decorative wooden cladding and brass accessories.
·  Wooden chords work.
·  VIP Hall, including the construction, painting, and decorative wood cladding for walls and ceilings.
·  Raising the efficiency of the paints in the riwaq (arcade)  leading to the old mosque, including wall paints, restoration of stucco windows, wooden doors and windows, and metal pergolas.
·  Painting the outer iron wall of the mosque.
·  Raising the efficiency and development of the cave room and the ablution of the mosque, including the treatment and painting of walls and the restoration of windows and wooden doors.
The works were carried out through the departments of the Construction and Specialized Work Sector (Palaces and Monument Restoration - Civil Works - Sanitary and Finishing Work - Formwork and Specialized Work).
·  The value of the first phase of work is 13,500,000, and it is completed.
·  The value of the second phase of work is 16,500,000, and it is completed.
·  The value of the third phase is 22,000,000, and the work has not started.

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