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Development and rehabilitation of the Nile Fountain - Egypt

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Client: Suez Canal Authority
Description: fountain
Work components: Structural reinforcement - architectural restoration - electromechanical works
works Date: 2020
The fountain was established during the era of the late President Gamal Abdel Nasser, in 1956 by the West German “Julius Burger” company, to be the oldest fountain in the Middle East, in the middle of the Nile River, and during these years the fountain witnessed periods of brilliance and became a target for film and music makers who were keen To show this masterpiece in their work. The Nile Fountain appeared in many works of art, which were filmed during the sixties, most notably the movie “The Bride of the Nile” and the movie “Soft Hands”, as the singer Amr Diab used it, during a video clip of the song “Cairo” with Mohamed Mounir, and also a song on it. “Oh, our country, my sweet.” The fountain is in the middle of the Nile River, near the land of the island in Cairo, and the water flowed out from the middle of it at a height of one hundred meters, surrounded by a group of small fountains overflowing with water in the form of a beautiful water curtain and around it a number of night-lighting torches. About 40 years ago, the main pump of the fountain stopped working, and within the framework of state projects to revive Cairo’s heritage, beautify it and highlight the ingenuity of its design, the Nile Fountain was rehabilitated, its pumps changed, and turned into a dancing fountain whose water moves to the rhythm of national melodies. The project to rehabilitate the Nile Fountain is one of the difficult projects that the Arab Contractors Company has confronted and has harnessed all international expertise in the field of implementing water fountains, under the supervision and financing of the Suez Canal Authority.

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