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Development of Giza Governorate Office - Egypt

Monuments Restoration   ::  Completed Projects   ::  2014  ::  

Client: Giza Governorate
Description: special architectural Style Buildings
The headquarters of the Giza Governorate was exposed to a huge fire in 2013, which caused the destruction of the main hall of a palace dating back to the era of Muhammad Ali, which was nationalized and transformed into a government building after the 1952 revolution and is treated as a building with a distinctive architectural heritage and is subject to Law 144 to protect heritage, as well as the fire spread To the administrative building of the governorate, it affected two floors of the administrative building and destroyed the cars in the garage. The Arab Contractors Company restored the building and returned it to its original condition, with its great experience in the work of structural consolidation and architectural and meticulous restoration.
Working date: 2013 – 2014

Monuments Restoration