Restoration of Bashtak Palace - Egypt

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Client: Ministry of Antiquities
Description: Archeological buildings
Its establishment dates back to the year 1339AD-740AH. It is a unique model of civil architecture in the Mamluk era. It is located in Al-Muizz Street in Fatimid Cairo. It was established by Prince Seif Al-Din Beshtak Al-Nasiri, one of the princes of Al-Nasir Muhammad bin Qalawun. It was about to collapse after the 1992 earthquake. The palace was restored and repaired jointly with the German Archaeological Institute for two years at a cost of about 50 million pounds. The palace has three facades: the first and the main one is located on the northwestern side overlooking Al-Muizz Street, and it consists of three floors with mashrabiyas not on one straight line, but on two parts, one of them is sunken and the other is prominent, and it has geometric drawings that are beautiful.
Working date: 2002

Monuments Restoration