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Restoration and reconstruction of the scientific complex - Egypt

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Client: Military works department
Description: special architectural Style Buildings
The Egyptian Scientific Academy is one of the oldest scientific institutions. The complex was established in Cairo on August 20, 1798 by a decision of Napoleon Bonaparte. Its library included 200,000 books, most notably an atlas on the ancient arts of India, an atlas in the name of Lower and Upper Egypt written in 1752, a German atlas on Egypt and Ethiopia dating back to the year 1842, and an atlas of Lysos that has no equivalent in the world. It was owned by Prince Muhammad Ali, the former crown prince. The complex caught fire in December 2011, causing the upper ceiling of the building to collapse from the inside, destroying most of the complex’s contents of manuscripts, antique books and rare maps, including one of the original copies of the Description of Egypt. The Arab Contractors Company reconstructed and restored the scientific complex.
Working date: 2012

Monuments Restoration