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Zaafaran Palace Museum at Ain Shams University - Egypt

Monuments Restoration   ::  Completed Projects   ::  2023  ::  

Client: Egypt Real Estate Management
Description: special architectural Style Buildings

The construction of this palace dates back to the year 1870 during the era of Khedive Ismail, and it was built in the style of Versailles Palace in France, where the Khedive had spent his education. The palace has four facades intertwined with windows and balconies with semi-circular arches, stucco decorations in the form of plant branches and very simple and delicate wreaths. The design of the palace included copper, gold and colored glass arts, as well as its sky-colored ceilings. The palace witnessed many hot historical events that passed through Egypt during that period, such as the entry of the British into the country, and the signing of the famous 1936 treaty, and the table that was signed on that treaty is still present in its place in the salon of the main hall, surrounded by a gilded chairs set. Working date: 2019 - Under Construction

The Arab Contractors Company implemented the development and fine restoration works, which included finishing and electromechanical work, as well as fine restoration work of the archaeological void spaces in the basement of the palace "the museum’s headquarters", as well as the ground and electromechanical work of the palace, the civil work, finishes, and agricultural work in the general site around the palace, in addition to alarm and fire systems, anti-theft systems, and conditioning systems.

Monuments Restoration