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Naguib Mahfouz Museum and Creativity Center - Egypt

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The inauguration of Naguib Mahfouz Museum and Creativity Center is considered an important international event due to the fact that Naguib Mahfouz is Nobel laureate. The museum has a great value and salutes the memory of Naguib Mahfouz who is considered Egyptian icon for the art of novel. Besides, it emphasized on the national concern to preserve the history of its creative whom forms the elements of its soft power. The establishment of Naguib Mahfouz Museum and Creativity Center started in 2006. It consists of two-storey, the first floor has halls for seminars, a visual/sound library, a public library and a library for critical research including the most important researches and studies conducted on the work of Naguib Mahfouz. The second floor includes a pavilion for the medals and certificates obtained by the late writer; and another pavilion for his personal belongings with some papers written in his own handwriting. There is the hall of literature, which includes Naguib Mahfouz’s oeuvre in their old and new versions and the translated works. Besides, there is a cinema hall and other halls carry the names of El Hara – Rethaa – Ahlam El Raheel – Asdaa El Sera – Tagliyat and Nobel.

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