Sheet piles

Sheet piles and pipes:

Equipment Hiring and Specialized Works Department is carrying out the supplying works, plastering, painting, renting, driving and take off the sheet piles and pipes using the modern equipment specialized in the driven of the sheet piles wither on the natural ground or in the water courses using marine equipment.

Most of the sheet piles and pipes' equipment includes the hydraulic vibrators with high frequency which allows working beside the existing buildings.

Installation and dismantling of the struts required for the sheet piles.

Sheet piles varied from 1800cm3/m to 4200cm3/m.

The department includes the following equipment:

Vibrators for driven and dismantling the sheet piles and pipes with centrifuge from 20ton to 200ton.

Impact Hammers for driving sheet piles and pipes (air – diesel – hydraulic) it could work under water level.

Berlin Wall :-

The execution of the shoring works using beams and timber.



North Giza Electrical Station Project

Contact Information

Equipment Renting and Specialized Works Dept.

  • 10 6th October St.,Shobra
  • 0244012120 - 0244012108
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  • Dept. Manager : Eng. Ahmed Rifai