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The Arab Contractors Company is keen on providing many distinguished services to its workers and their families as well. Consequently, it supports them to devote their efforts to serve their work, enhance performance and bearing its responsibilities. Let's explore some of our company services:

The Arab Contractors Company provides a high level of free medical care and treatment in different specialties for all its workers and even travelling abroad if required. These services are provided through the following entities:

(1) Arab Contractors Medical Center :


This center was established in 1979 basically as an international center for recovery and medical care for the company workers and their families in addition to its visitors from Egypt, the Arab Countries, Africans and foreigners. Its development and equipment upgrading policy is done according to the latest international techniques.

(2) The Medical Complex for Clinics :

The medical clinics which spread all over the company's branches and departments were gathered to provide better integrated medical treatment with a low cost. in addition to the existing similar clinics which geographically dispersed all the governorates.

(3) Dental Clinics:

The company has dental clinics equipped with the latest medical apparatus. It follows the maximum sterilization procedures to provide the best medical care and protection for the workers. All the different specialties are available at these dental clinics. Highly qualified experienced dentists are supervising the works there. .

Website :http://www.arabcontclub.com

This grand club was established in the begging of the 70s. It is built upon a massive area reached 71 feddans in El Gabal El Akhdar over a high mountain covered with greenery and trees. The club is serving the company workers and their families… actually it serves all the Egyptians. This club is considered an integrated sporting city; it includes all the activities and games such as: football, basketball, tennis, Judo, Karate, swimming…etc. The Arab Contractors Company Sporting Club achieved good results in the framework of a fair competition with the other clubs.

A number of model integrated gardens were developed and modernized as El Yasmine Garden, the zoo, the magnificent swimming pool with its design and execution, El Kobba restaurant which stands as an architectural masterpiece over the high mountain.

On the football level, many championships were achieved, such as Egypt Cup in 2004 and Egypt Super Cup in 2004.

In addition to the Rowing Club and its luxurious floating ferryboat which overlooks the River Nile in Giza. The Rowing Club achieved astonishing results in the rowing sport and the club pioneers its championships in Egypt since its establishment.

The AC has built many distinguished summer resorts in Gamasa and Marsa Matrouh to provide entertainment, recreation and relaxation for its workers from the work burden and to spend their vacation. It has a tangible effect on reviving the workers activity. These resorts were built according to beautiful architectural styles and overlooking the seaside and the natural landscape. Besides, it includes swimming pools, recreational services such as cinema, tv halls and restaurants to provide high level of hotel services for the workers and their families.

We are committed to acting ethically and with integrity for the worker's insurance whither during his service career in the company or even after his retirement to afford him with a suitable income for having decent life and avoiding the extreme decrease in the income after retiring. The Arab Contractors Company established the Insurance Fund for the company workers in 1972 as a typical office resembling the offices of the general authority for social insurance regarding the dues adjustment (the cases of retirement – early retirement – disability – death) and issuance of the workers' dues. The fund is aiming at achieving integrated high level insurance service for the company workers and the pensioners and their families. Besides, the development of the fund's investment to achieve the maximum possible benefit for investment.

It was established in 1980 to build housing units or integrated compounds for the workers, providing it with the utilities, preparing it for living in the different governorates, supplying utilities and services, buying and selling of lands and residential buildings for ownership or renting in addition to providing loans for the workers to help them in owning housing units. .

The top management of the Arab Contractors Company believes in the importance of learning and education for its great impact I the development of the nations and the advancement of its people. The company management is keen to honor the workers' valedictorian sons in the general certificates (preparatory - general secondary – universities) in an annual ceremony with the presence of the company leaders and their outstanding sons to celebrate the Social Work Day and honoring of the outstanding sons. It plays an important role in continuing their success process and providing them with financial and moral remunerations. Consequently, these outstanding students will be the reliable future base for the company. .

The Arab Contractors Company built the kindergartens to help the workers and their families for providing the required care to their sons in the different age stages and affording the workers themselves with the suitable psychological conditions for working and achievement after getting assured and comfort about their children.

The association for the special needs sons of the company workers was established and has many activities such as: a program for social care during the summer vacation which includes (practice on self-care , handmade crafts, physical therapy and speech and communication sessions) in regard to each case's condition and under the supervision of specialists.

The productive families department in the social services association for the company workers' families was developed and it is including departments for sewing, knitting, carpets and rugs. There is a defined mechanism to provide job opportunities for the company workers whom did not get the required education. The company support them whither by training on crafts as sewing, carpets and rugs or by providing them with the required needs to encourage them in increasing their family's income.

The company provides its workers with its own buses and microbuses – with the company drivers – to transport them from their houses to their works and vice versa; in order to avoid the problems of the public means of transportation, saving their efforts for increasing the work's quality and performance and helping them in being committed to the work defined time.