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Part of Arab Contractors competitive advantage comes from adopting efficient equipment management system , which looks mainly for minimizing downtime. This successful system is based on :

  • Development in direction of add–on– reliable equipment , and purchasing the latest technology.
  • Short – list procurement policy of internationally recognized manufacturers. Economic replacement policy , which ensures operating fleet within its profitable life time.
  • Organization structure comprises a rental department to satisfy and fulfil projects unique needs and urgent cases , in order to avoid any delays.
  • Mobile and stationary maintenance and repair workshops, besides imposition of operation and maintenance software covers all mechanical management levels.
  • Preserving equipment top performance through an overhauling plan carried out by three central overhauling workshops.
  • Recruitment of competent operators and technicians. Continuous upgrading training program. Scrap the non-profitable equipment.

Total Equipment 10853 Equipments