Monuments restoration process requires the following:

Special and great care with the monument, distinguished experiences to select the restoration materials because it should have the same specifications of the original materials.

Registration and documentation of the monument's conditions where the history of factors affecting the stability and validity of origin, including the study of cracks and the movement of origin, manifestations of deterioration and the study of non-archaeological buildings added to the origin.

The study phase is a very time consuming in terms of monitoring and observation of the distinctive effects, which led to the deterioration of the monument, by the end of the study phase we have a full conception of the method of treatment and restoration of the origin

The Arab Contractors Company implemented many restoration works for previous projects helped us to build up valuable extensive experience, know-how and capacity in the fields of: monuments restoration, registration, documentation, soil investigation, wall stitching, injection and foundation, isolation works, wooden works, domes, marble, paintings and maintenanc

The Arab Contractors using state of the art equipment which contributes to a great deal in the restoration process. For example :

  • Photography.
  • Laser Scanning.
  • Steel Detector.
  • Radar Scanning.
  • Underwater registration by divers.
  • Micro Piling.
  • Stitching.
  • Injection
  • Isolation works

Mechanical, chemical, and manual clean up of the followings :

  • Sterilization.
  • Reinforcement
  • Treatment.
  • Isolation

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Monuments Restoration Dept.

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  • Dept. Manager : Eng. Taha Mohamed Dyab