Renovation of the Mahmoudiya Mosque - Egypt

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Client: Ministry of Antiquities
Description: Mosque
This mosque is located in Muhammad Ali Square, to the left of the ascender from it to the citadel. It was built by Mahmoud Pasha and to Egypt by the Ottoman Empire in the year (975 AH - 1567 AD). This mosque is located in Salah El-Din Square (the Citadel) in the Caliph district of Cairo, and this mosque is one of the suspended mosques in Egypt, where we ascend to it through a ladder consisting of several steps, and the layout of the mosque consists of a square area in the middle of four large columns of red granite carrying four large arches In the middle of it is a skylight resting on stone cables, above which are wooden beams that support the ceiling of the mosque on all four sides. The mosque is divided from the inside into two iwans separated by a shield that extends from north to south until it connects the two doors of the mosque. The Arab Contractors Company is undertaking an integrated restoration project for the mosque to preserve it and treat its minaret.
Working date: 2022

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