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Restoration and development Al - Muaini mosque - Damietta - Egypt

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Client: Supreme Council of Antiquities
Description: Archeological buildings
Al-Maini Mosque is located in the city of Damietta. It was built by the Damietta merchant Muhammad bin Mu’in in the year 710 AH (1310 AD) during the time of Al-Nasir Qalawun. It is distinguished by the height of the wall and the minaret, and inside the mosque there is a mausoleum surrounded by a shrine made of wood made in the Arab Mashrabiya style. It is considered one of the rare mosques in Lower Egypt, especially in its planning, decoration and method of construction. It was built in the Mamluk style and was used as a school. It consists of an open courtyard with a mosaic floor and includes four iwans, the largest of which is the qibla iwan, and each iwan has a ceiling decorated with exquisitely decorated wood. The iwans were dedicated to teaching the four Islamic schools of thought. In 2007, a project to restore the mosque was started and it was opened to receive worshipers under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture in 2009 to perform prayers and religious rites.
Working date: 2007 - 2009

Monuments Restoration