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Restoration Al-Hadeddy mosque Farascour - Egypt

Monuments Restoration   ::  Completed Projects   ::  2009  ::  

Client: Supreme Council of Antiquities
Description: Archeological buildings
Al Hadidi Mosque is an ancient mosque located in the city of Faraskour in the Damietta Governorate. It was established in the year 1200 AH. It is one of the oldest mosques in the city and is distinguished by its unique architectural design, as it contains a shrine made of wood with an iwan on the upper side and a pulpit with a polygonal front. The mosque is attributed to Sheikh Ali bin Abdul Rahman bin Hadidi Al-Hadidi Al-Ansari Al-Maghribi. The mosque was endangered due to the groundwater that caused the Ministry of Endowments to demolish the minaret in 1975, which posed a direct danger to the residents. The mosque was restored and reopened after a process of dismantling, rehabilitation and development, and it was opened to receive worshipers in 2009 to perform prayers and religious rites.
Working date: 2007 - 2009

Monuments Restoration