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Cairo Tower development and renovation - Egypt

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Description: Architectural buildings with a height of 187 meters
Work components: structural reinforcement - finishes - sanitary works - electricity - air conditioning - fire alarm Work Date: 2009
Description of works: Restoration of the concrete structure of the tower, represented by the load-bearing walls, columns, and external facades (colestras), as well as the upper mast body.
The works of restoring the concrete structure of the tower were not difficult for the Arab Contractors Company because of its great experience in this field, but the great challenge was the work to be carried out at a height of 135 meters from the surface of the ground. As the upper part of the tower, especially from a level from 117 meters to 135 meters, is designed in the shape of a lotus flower and is 3 meters away from the direction of the tower body. Which called for more thought on how to implement these works and were as follows: The works start from a height of 117 meters, and in the inner part of the tower behind the colestra, a temporary concrete beam was made on which radial iron beams were installed, extending outside the body of the tower with a distance of 7 meters and fixing the transverse beams. tall. The metal formwork was installed and covered from the outside to obscure the view of the height of the workers, where the work was carried out with the calculation of the wind speed, and in the event of its speed exceeding 35 km/h, the work was stopped, and thanks to God, 2 million working hours were recorded without injury. Restoration and renewal of the upper mast body at a height of 152 meters from the surface of the ground and a height of 36 meters. In order to carry out the works, the traditional steel structure was replaced due to the lack of space needed to be installed strongly as iron beams with different sectors in the form of a bird’s nest to be installed and carried out through it, and the biggest challenge was the difficulty of lifting These beams are to this level and then disassembled and lowered after the completion of the work, as the fall of the smallest part of its components from this height could have caused a huge disaster.

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