Restoration of the Inal Bath - Egypt

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Client: Ministry of Antiquities
Description: Archeological buildings It is one of the archaeological treasures that Al Moez Street abounds in, and it is located next to the Kamalia School in El Gamaleya. It was built by Sultan Al-Ashraf Abu Al-Nasr Inal in the year 861 AH / 1456 AD, confirming the custom of the Ottoman Turks to build Turkish baths that immortalize their names, and their philosophy was realized in finding comfort and relaxation means that benefit the soul and body. And this bathroom was built to perform a social function, as going to the popular baths was the most important customs and traditions of the Egyptians. The “Inal” bath is distinguished by its being one of the oldest Ottoman popular baths in Al-Gamaliya neighborhood, and it is 700 years old, to remain a witness to the splendor of Islamic architecture and the oldest social rituals that the simple Egyptians used to do since ancient times, especially during the Ottoman era This bathroom is one of the most important Cairo bathrooms, for what distinguishes it from others, which is the lighting system that gives comfort and tranquility .
Working date: 2002

Monuments Restoration