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The Relocation of King Ramses II Statue - Cairo - Egypt

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vObjectives of Reallocating:
To protect the statue against excessive vibrations as well as air pollution by reallocating it in a suitable environment where it can rest in harmony with the surroundings.

1. The history of the statue has been studied where it revealed that it is composed of six elements and the points of weaknesses have been noted.
2. The statue was surveyed and modeled in a 3D fashion. A thorough visual inspection was conducted to investigate its condition. Geological studies on the Granite used in the statue were also conducted. The technique used for its assembly was investigated as well.

The relocation of King Ramses II statue had worldwide media coverage especially during its final transportation process from Ramses Square to Gizeh Al-Ahram area . King Ramses II statue was originally built in Menfe City in 1300 BC, to commemorate the great pharaoh Ramses II. The statue was transported to Ramses Square in the 1950s where it stayed till its latest relocation in 2006.
The statue is made of red granite. It weights 83 tons and has a height of 11.36m. It is supported on a 1.5 x 2.25 x 3.36 concrete base that is located 3m above the street level.
During its stay, it was exposed to the surrounding hostile environment. Consequently, a decision was made by the Minister of Culture Farouk Hosni to relocate the statue to another location nearby the new Egyptian Museum at Al-Ahram area.

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