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Development and Restoration of Princess Khadija Palace in Helwan - Egypt

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The development and restoration works of Princess Khadija Palace in Helwan to regain its former status and transformed into a museum of religions and a cultural center. It will be a center for enlighten including a library, a museum for religions and cultural events, artistic shows and seminars, in accordance with international standards for museums.  The palace is including a standalone building with 4 facades. The northern façade is overlooking the garden of the palace; the Eastern facade is linked with one of the suites.

The First Floor is consisting of the main hall linking many rooms with a ladder in its center. The Second floor has a small hall with many rooms from the Eastern, Northern and Western Side. The Eastern Suite of the palace is including 2 floors: the ground floor and the First floor; it is covered with red marble tiles. This suite is dedicated to the kitchen, stables and servants. The ceiling of the palace is a wooden roof of Baghdadi style covered with red marble tiles.

The restoration of the palace is divided into 2 phases:

the First phase' scope of work was the structural consolidation included reducing the level of water from basements and injections and strengthens the walls of stone bearing the palace body and address the deteriorating elements in the construction system due to the surrounding factors over the years.

The Second phase is the finishing works while preserving the architectural character of the palace and included the restoration of gypsum and wooden formations of the facades. Besides; the provisional works of air conditioning systems, telephone and internet networks, fire protection and the latest lighting systems, as well as water and drainage systems, floors finishing and walls at the highest level.

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