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Museum of the Revolutionary Command Council - Egypt

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The reviving and modernizing of Museum of the Revolutionary Command Council (Museum of the Revolution Leaders) is within the framework of the state's interest in reviving heritage, human history and preserving the monuments. The building was built during the reign of King Farouk I, the King of Egypt and Sudan. The establishment began in 1948 and completed in 1951. It is characterized by a special character prevailed during that period which is the "classical style" and the use of artificial stone. It was dedicated to the king's rest and marina for the king's yachts. It was regained by the Revolutionary Command Council in 1952 and used as the headquarters for the meetings of the Free Officers Movement. Besides, the announcement of the United Arab Republic was launched from this place and it was a symbol of liberty. The building is consisting of the basement, the ground floor, the first floor and the roof. It is consisting of a courtyard surrounded by rooms from each side which overlook the courtyard in a gable shape, the coverage was designed in the shape of an eagle surrounded the building with his wings. The Monuments Restoration Department is participating in the implementation of the works in cooperation with the departments of: Civil Works, Sanitation and Finishing Works, Electrical Works, Electromechanical Projects for Public Buildings and Utilities, Maasara Shipyard and Engineering Consultancy Sector.

Monuments Restoration