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Raising the efficiency and preventing danger from the Haram Palace - Egypt

Monuments Restoration   ::  Completed Projects   ::  2018  ::  

Client: Military works department
Description: Archeological buildings
This palace is located inside the Citadel of Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi on the northwestern edge. Muhammad Ali Pasha ordered the construction of this palace in the year 1242 AH 1826 AD, as stated on the panel of the founding text installed on the main entrance to the eastern pavilion. It was designated as a residence for the governor, Muhammad Ali Pasha, his family and his harem, and it was used as a palace until the British occupation came to Egypt in 1298 AH 1882 AD, so the palace was turned into a residence for the military governor of the British army and then used as a hospital for the British occupation forces, until the Egyptian government recovered it during the reign of King Farouk I In 1946 AD, the Egyptian flag was raised there, and since then it has been subject to the Committee for the Preservation of Arab Antiquities, then the Ministry of War took over and prepared it to be a military museum. It tells the history of the Egyptian army throughout the ages and was inaugurated in 1949. The Arab Contractors Company renovated and developed the palace, as well as strengthening the roofs, insulating them and protecting them against the danger of rain. Working date: 2015 – 2018

Monuments Restoration