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Restoration and development Sultan Qalawun complex - Egypt

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The Qalawun Group was built over the ruins of the small Fatimid palace, which was bought by Sultan Qalawun in 1283AD.
The group is located in the heart of Cairo, on Al-Moez Street, and contains a school for teaching the four Sunni sects in addition to the mausoleum of Sultan Qalawun, and is famous for having a charitable hospital for the treatment of the poor. The Arab Contractors Company, under the supervision of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, carried out a comprehensive restoration and development attic for the group, which included lowering the groundwater level, structural strengthening of the group’s foundations, and architectural restoration of its elements, in addition to careful restoration of the mosaics and decorations it contains. She participated in the process of discovering that Sultan Qalawun used wooden ceilings dating back to the Fatimid era, which were among the ruins of the Fatimid palace and were transferred to the Islamic Museum.

Monuments Restoration