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Restoration of Sidi Ibrahim El Desouki Mosque in Dakahlia - Egypt

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The Sidi Ibrahim El Desouki Mosque, better known as El Ibrahimi Mosque in Desouk City in Dakahlia Governorate is considered one of the Sufi shrines in Egypt and the Islamic world and many visitors from Egypt, Arab, Islamic and European Countries visit it.

The mosque is divided into 2 suites: the men's suite and a two-storey ladies' suite on 600m. They are separated by the tomb room of Sidi Ibrahim El Desouki and his brother Sharaf El Din Mousa in a separate room. The mosque has 4 minarets and one dome, 11 main doors from all sides, a hall for receiving the VIP visitors and an Islamic library.

The company implemented the rehabilitation works of the First Phase for the mosque on an area of  3000m² approximately, which represents half the area of the mosque. In addition to these, the works include the strengthening of foundation for 89 columns and replacement of columns and interior finishing of the mosque. The second phase is being completed. The Second phase of the project is ongoing to continue the rehabilitation for the rest of the mosque. 

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