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Restoration of the Diplomatic Club facades - Egypt

Monuments Restoration   ::  Completed Projects   ::  2016  ::  

Client: Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Description: special architectural Style Buildings
In 1907, preparations began for the establishment of the “Club Muhammad Ali” headquarters in the downtown area of Cairo, to be one of the social clubs for the upper class in Egyptian society, dedicated to the pashas of foreign culture and the Egyptian nobles and princes. Club Muhammad Ali was a center for the spawning of ministers and the formation of ministries and a forum in which political conspiracies were hatched between important personalities who played heroic roles in the life of Egypt politically and economically. After the July 1952 revolution, its affiliation was transferred to the Revolutionary Command Council and then to the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and its name was changed to “Al-Tahrir Club” in 1954, and the name was changed again in 1982 to become the “Diplomatic Club.” It is a club of a special nature, and is chaired by a board of directors made up of an ambassador, who is chosen by election, and its membership includes members of the diplomatic corps and ministers.
Working date: 2016

Monuments Restoration