Khedival Cairo Development Project - Egypt

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Client: Misr Real Estate Assets.

Description: Buildings with Distinctive Architecture Styles.

Khedivial Cairo is the heart of Cairo during the Khedive Ismail period, and it started from Qasr Al-Nil Bridge to Attaba area. During Khedive Ismail’s visit to Paris in 1867, he asked Emperor Napoleon III that the French planner "Haussmann", who planned Paris, also plan Khedive Cairo. It was transformed into a civilizational masterpiece, competing with the world's most beautiful cities to be called "Paris of the East" by the Western writers at the time.

It includes the development and rehabilitation of heritage buildings; lighting and landscape coordination for Talaat Harb Square, Mustafa Kamel Square, and Qasr El-Nil Street.

Project Objectives:

-Increasing the efficiency of heritage buildings to preserve their value, especially after the transfer of governmental authorities to the New Administrative Capital.

-Enhancing the functional efficiency of spaces (squares and streets) by using distinctive elements to furnish the site to take into account the architectural style and the historical context of Historic Cairo.

-Removal of visual distortions, facade colour standardization, lighting and flooring works, seats, guide and advertising signs, afforestation, trash cans, bike lanes and paths for determined people, taking pedestrian traffic into account. 

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