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Restoration of Al-Muizz Lideenillah Al-Fattmi Street - Egypt

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Al-Muizz Lideenillah Al-Fattmi Street established by the Fatimids as the main street to link with the old Cairo city, it was known before by Been El Qasreen Street. The ceremonies of Al Mahmal. The street is considered an open museum including Islamic, military, religious, social and educational buildings; such as:
1 – Bab Al Fotouh and the Country Wall
2 – Al Hakim Bi-Amr Allah Mosque
3 - Abu Al-Kheir Alklebany Zawiya
4 - Soliman Agha Al Salhaddar Mosque
5 - Al Aqmar Mosque
6 – Al Darb Al Asfar
7 - The Sabil-Kuttab of Abd Al Rahman Katkhuda
8 - The Palace of Prince Bashtak
9 - School and Mosque of Sultan Al Kamil
10 – Hammam Anial
11 - The Sabil of Mohammed Ali in Al Nahaseen
12 - Sultan Barquq Mosque
13 - Al-Naser Mohammed Mosque
14 - Qalawun Complex (school and dome)
15 – The Remnants of Al-Zahir Baibars School
16 - The Remnants of Al Salih Najm Al Din School
17 - The Sabil-Kuttab of Khosrow Pasha
18 - The Sabil-Mosque of Ali Al Motahr Pasha
19 - Sultan Al Ashraf Barsbay Mosque
As well as Beet Al Qady, including other monuments; such as:
1 – Moheb Al Din Hall
2 – Mamay Al Seify Seat
3 – Bawabet Al Qady
Within the framework of the government effort to restore the Fatimid Cairo in collaboration with UNESCO; in 1/3/2009 the government has a national campaign recently for the maintenance and restoration of Al-Muizz Lideenillah Al-Fattmi Street to regain its beauty after the completion of the development of the infrastructure facilities. The restoration starting from Bab Al Fotouh until the intersection of Al-Azhar Street (1400 m) with a total value EGP 23 million; as follows:
1 – The development of houses and shops facades overlooking both sides of the street.
2 – Paving the street with black Aswan granite (7500m²)
3 – The pavement from the Gandolla granite slabs (4900m²)
4 –The pavement blocks are from Gandolla granite (2900ML)
5 – Street lighting with classic designed lanterns
6 –… Lanterns on the pavement sidewalks spotted on the monumentary walls to show its beauty
7 – Electronic gates leading to the street closing from 9am to 9 pm. With a total cost EGP 3.500 million.
The shop owners asked to change their activities to accommodate with the nature of the street archaeological nature and to meet with the requirements of the tourists. Besides; the development of Beet Al Qady ground to be used as a cafeteria, which made the Ministry of Culture, pay attention to the rest of the area and there is a study to the development of the entire area.

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