Greater Cairo Metro Line 4 - Phase1 - Egypt

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Client: National Authority for Tunnels (NAT) - Ministry of Transport
Contractors: Civil works package (CP401) to consortium of the Arab Contractors ‎Company “Consortium Leader”, Concord, Petrojet and Hassan Allam Holding subsidiary Hassan Allam Construction.
Scope of Work: Civil works for the western part of Metro Line ‎‏4‏‎ – Phase ‎‏1‏‎ ‎‎(Hadayek El Ashgar – Amr ibn El Aas)

Cairo Metro Line ‎‏4‏‎ is the base for linking ‎‏6‏‎ ‎October City and New Cairo with the Metro ‎network. It provides ‎transportation service for the high density population areas in El ‎Haram – Faysal – ‎El Omraniya – Giza - Nasr City – Al Azhar University ‎‎– New Cairo. It is expected to transport ‎‏2‏‎ million ‎passengers ‎daily. In addition to these, the transport service will integrate ‎with the Monorail of ‎‏6‏‎ ‎October City.‎
Cairo Metro Line ‎‏4‏‎ – Phase ‎‏1‏‎: 
It includes the civil works for the western part of Metro Line ‎‏4‏‎ – Phase ‎‏1‏‎ ‎‎(Hadayek El Ashgar – Amr ibn El Aas). It extends from El Mesaha to Hadayek El Ashgar with a length of 13.7. 

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