Arab Contractors in Asia

Since 1957

The Arab Contractors Company began its activity in Asia in 1957. AC owns many branches and subsidiary companies in Asia. It also contributes to the economic and social development in Asia through the implementation of many major projects.






We have many branches and subsidiary companies in Asia
Jaber Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah Hospital

The largest hospital in the Middle East and the sixth largest hospital in the world


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New Projects

Wadi Al-Laith Dam - Makkah - Saudi Arabia

The Project consists of a main dam which consists of concrete reaching 50m in height and 500m in length the average thickness is 1m , It is being constructed in earth by a diaphragm machine. The inner main dam body consists of layers of filling up to 2million m3. The surcharge channel consists of concrete works with length of 91m with executing barriers for water stilling and weirs.

Pharco International pharmaceutical factory in the industrial zone of Medina - Saudi Arabia

The project consists of A complete factory for medicine production Mainly consists of building like OSD Liquid production building, building A, Building B, Storage water and fire fighting, Diesel Tank, and concrete fence around the buildings with Gates.

Makkah Projects

Completing the remaining parts of the third ring road Makkah (1st and 2nd intersections tunnels and bridges)

  • Consists of two Separate contracts

  • Contract 1: 123,146,487 SAR

  • Duration of Contract 1 : 24 months

  • Contract 2: 237,670,980 SAR

  • Duration of Contract 2 : 36 Months


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