The management of factories and workshops was concerned with the establishment of workshops capable of producing the equipment because of its special nature, both at the level of skilled labor to manufacture the parts accurately for their association with the mechanical parts and performance of their functions, as well as the level of equipment and for the production of parts in a precise and identical image with the best use of the equipment at Special equipment workshops For the following activities:

Local Manufacturing of Construction Equipment

  • Concrete batching plants & production under license from ORU Company (Italy) and LIEBHERR (Germany)
  • Concrete mixing drums & Concrete units mounted on trucks including electrical and mechanical groups.
  • Manufacture of dumpers.
  • Conveyor belts for building and construction materials.
  • Asphalt mixing plants & production under license from SIM Company (Italy).
  • Vibrators units and aggregate washing equipment.
  • Cement silos and water, fuel, bitumen and air tanks.
  • Mobile and stationary caravans.
  • Low and high speed trailers and flat bed trailers.
  • Dust and smoke purification units for central asphalt plants.
  • Overhead and Gantry cranes.
  • Erection and maintenance of electrical lighting pillars mounted on trucks.
  • Trailers for electrical cables carriers
  • Waste and garbage crematories.
  • Asphalt Mixing Plant
  • Concrete Mixing Plant

Local Manufacturing of Non Standard Factories Materials & Equipment

  • Grain silo capacity of 30 thousand tons in Ismailia
  • Base layer mixing plants
  • Quick Trailer
  • Bulk cement transport vehicle
  • Cement factories
  • Iron & steel factories
  • Reinforced steel factories
  • Sugarcane & sugar beet factories
  • Special steel factories

Local Manufacturing in the field of Irrigation

  • Al Gabal Al Asfar Wastewater Station - II phase
  • Hadous Lock
  • Al Abbasi Gates
  • Water Hammer

Local Manufacturing of Electrical Components

  • Phase Plates
  • Generator Trailers 2.00 x 1.10 x 4.00
  • Grilling works.
  • Belts to 1400mm.
  • Welding transformers: 50 -600 ampere (AC – DC).
  • Battery charging units to 12 batteries (AC – DC).
  • Control panels to 1 M.V.

Contact Information

Factories & Central Workshops Dept.

  • 16, 6th of October St., Teraat El Ismailia - Shoubra
  • 44010195 - 44010121
  • 44010115
  • Dept. Manager : Eng. Mahmoud Talaat