The Arab Contractors Company's concept of excellence and distinction is based on the principle that the design, development, controlling, administration, service providing and work execution are according to the quality standards. Besides, the Arab Contractors Company is keen in providing safe workplaces, saving workers' health and safety to achieve the customers' total satisfaction both nationally and internationally.

Arab Contractors Company provides the training opportunities to raise the workers' efficiency, the required facilities for the sustainable improvement of the quality of the executed works and services. In addition to these we are totally committed to all the laws and legislations governing the construction industry, safety, occupational health and environment. Moreover, the Arab Contractors company has its own internal regulations and systems. This policy is revised periodically to ensure its continuity and fitness.

  • Achieving total customer and stakeholder satisfaction.
  • The quality of the executed works and the performance according to the required standards.
  • Saving the health and safety of the workers.
  • The preservation of workplace and environment with its different aspects, eradication of pollution and saving the resources.
  • Achieving the appropriate profits to sustain our existence in the market of the construction industry.

The Arab Contractors Company (AC) has long foreseen the crucial importance of training, as well as, research and development. As a result, the company has developed a vision of the utmost commitment to training, research and development as major aspects of the company's competitive advantage and pivot in its sustainability. For more than twenty five years, The Arab Contractors believed that training is not a one-shotcure for construction, industrial illness. Institute Center For Engineering Management Technology ( was launched 1979 when the URWICK Management Center of UK, was assigned to carry out a need analysis for management development in the Arab Contractors.

In Addition MTTI continues to benefit from the technical assistance supported by the UN agencies UNIDO, UNDP and ILO, in order to tip-grade the training and constancy capability of the (MTTI), especially in the areas of Marketing, Corporate Management, Corporate planning, Information systems, Electromechanical Works, and vocational training. The Activities extends to serve the construction industry in Africa and middle East as well.