Equipment Hiring and Specialized Works Department is considered one of the distinguished and unique departments which depend on self-execution by 100%. It is a key partner in the mega national projects executed by the company, in addition to meeting the requirements of the foreign market and the private sector. The work volume of the department has been developed due to the efforts and experience of its workers. For more than 30 years…since its establishment in 1979 till now, the department is considered the biggest main contractor in Egypt in the activity of sheet piles and iron pipes.

The work areas of the department:

  • Equipment Hiring (more than 400 environment-friendly equipment)
  • Driving iron pipes
  • Overdraft of groundwater
  • Concrete Cutting with the latest equipment
  • Shoring works using sheet piles on ground and water courses or Berlin wall.
  • Maintenance, preparing, installing, dismantling, hiring of the tower cranes and lifts for persons and materials.
  • Plastering and painting works

The installation of fixed cranes

Contact Information

Equipment Renting and Specialized Works Dept.

  • 10 6th October St.,Shobra
  • 0244012120 - 0244012108
  • 44012107 02 - 44012112 02 - 44012106 02
  • Dept. Manager : Eng. Ahmed Rifai