IT is a specialized activity within the Information and Decision Support Sector which provides the technical support for the company and client in IT field. IT is including the followings:

  • It is providing the technical consulting in it for the different authorities: organizations, ministries and associations.
  • Integrated solutions for system automation.
  • Networking design.
  • Technical support for main PCs.

It is carrying out the automation process of activities and services to support decisions.

It is providing the designing and building of networking, maintenance services, and following-up and solving troubleshoots. All these services provided by specialized skilled teamwork (engineers - supervisors – technicians – cable supply workers).


Networking Unit:

Tel.: 0223428973


  • It is providing the specialized training courses in programming, multimedia, graphic, specialized engineering programs, courses for students and children as well.
  • Practical training for universities students in summer vacation to acknowledge the working methods, available facilities and gaining experience.
  • The center is providing an approved certificate from housing and foreign ministries to use it abroad.
  • Specialized qualified lecturers (some of them are from AC and the other are from outsides the company) giving lectures in the center
  • Professors from the universities are giving the specialized engineering courses in the center.
  • The center is equipped with a training rooms, illustrative means and training booklets.
  • Providing training courses outside the center (in the work site).

It is a specialized center for upgrading PCs and its auxiliaries, following-up and solving troubleshoots, maintenance services, uploading software and removing viruses.



Data entry and reviewing center using developed systems to serve the company and other clients. Besides, it is providing databases for ministries and authorities.

  • Al Azhar Al Shariff
  • Ministry of State for Administrative Development
  • Ministry of Social Solidarity
  • Ministry of Telecommunication
  • General Transportation Authority
  • The Insurance Fund of AC Workers
  • The Housing Fund of AC Workers
  • AC Sporting Club

Contact Information

Computer Dept.

  • El Nasr Road, El Gabal El Akhdar, Nasr City-Cairo
  • 0223422459
  • 0223423462
  • Dept. Manager :Mr.Mohamed shaaban