Daraw Free Axis - Egypt

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The Arab Contractors Company is carrying out Daraw Free Axis with 18km length, 21m width and 2 directions with 7.50m width (2 lanes for each direction). It includes 7 bridges: • 4 main bridges (a bridge above the western desert road – a bridge over the western agricultural road – a bridge over the Nile River – a bridge over the eastern agricultural road). • 3 sub-bridges • 2 tunnels to resolve the intersections with the access roads and waterways. • The project total cost is 1.4 billion LE. It is noteworthy that the axis connects the eastern agricultural road (Cairo - Aswan) to the western desert road (Cairo - Aswan), crossing the Nile River and the western agricultural road (Cairo - Aswan) south of Daraw City in Aswan. The axis is connecting the quarries on Balana/ Kalabsha Road in the western agriculture road with Benban Solar Energy Project. Besides, it is serving 1.5 million feddans project and the agricultural areas west of Kom Ombo.

Ongoing Projects