Restoration of El Sakakini Palace - Egypt

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El Sakakini Palace dates back to the year 1897 AD and was built by Habib Sakakini after he filled in Qaraja Pond in Al-Zahir area and built his palace similar to one of the palaces in Italy.
After his death in 1923, ownership of the palace passed to his heirs. After the 1952 Revolution, the heirs ceded the palace to the Egyptian government, and it was used by the Ministry of Health from 1961 to 1983. The palace was also registered in 1987 as an Islamic monument.
The area of the palace is 2,698 square meters, and it was built in the Italian style. It is considered a model of Rococo style, which is an art that belongs to decoration in architecture, interior and exterior decoration, as well as furniture, photography, and sculpture. The palace consists of 5 floors; the first floor consists of 4 rooms, and the second consists of 3 halls, 4 halls, and two rooms. The total area of the main hall is 600 square meters and contains 6 doors leading to the palace hall. The total number of rooms in the palace is 50, and it contains 400 windows and doors and 300 statues.

Ongoing Projects