New El Alamein City - Egypt

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Client: Ministry of Housing, Utilities, and Urban Communities
Contractors: The Arab Contractors Company and a number of companies

New El Alamein was chosen for its distinguished location on the Mediterranean Sea’s coast to achieve integrated development and provide a diversified economic basis and a regional urban center due to its closeness to promising new development areas.
The importance of New Alamein stands out in supporting communication between the sectors of Borg El Arab, Marsa Matrouh and Sidi Barani to facilitate the movement of inhabitants and labor, achieve population expansion, and engage in various economic activities on the North Coast.
The city is located on the Mediterranean Sea’s coast, about 35 km east of El Alamein Airport, on an area of ??48,000 feddan.
The first phase of the city is currently being completed on an area of ??14,000 feddan.
The project consists of:
- 18 beach towers with a total of 6,032 units and 10 towers under construction.
- Downtown buildings with a total of 2,640 units.
- the Latin Quarter on an area of ??404 feddan with a number of 11,655 units
- a compound of 700 feddan with a number of 10,800 units, chalets, and villas
- distinctive housing with a number of 1920 units and a number of 4096 units, Egypt's residence
- the beach recreational area
- the Heritage City on an area of ??260 feddan
- the Arab Academy for Technology Sciences and Maritime Transport
- Al Alamein International University for Science and Technology
- the tourist walkway

* Works carried out by the Arab Contractors Company

- The tourist walkway, with a length of 7 km
The project is a tourist walkway on the beach of New El Alamein City, with a length of 7 km and an average width of 26 m, starting from Al-Massa Hotel to the Presidential Palace, with interlocking, marble and granite finishes. The walkway consists of roads, bicycle and pedestrian paths, pergolas, sales outlets, pergolas, sunshades, restaurants, cafes, playgrounds, units for changing clothes in the beach area, and parking places.
The project is divided into areas:
The first area starts from Al-Massa Hotel to Strait Bridge 1 with a length of 700 m.

The second area starts from Strait Bridge 1 to Strait Bridge 2 with a length of 2000 m.
The third area starts from Strait Bridge 2 to Strait Bridge 3 with a length of 1500 m.
The fourth area starts from Strait Bridge 3 to Strait Bridge 4 with a length of 1600 m.

The fifth area starts from Strait Bridge 4 to the Presidential Palace, with a length of 1300 m.
The work is complete.

El-Alamein Strait Bridges over the lakes
- Strait Bridge 1 for cars, with a width of 43 m and a length of 105 m to cross the Strait1 and a length of 300 meters for ramps.
- Strait Bridge 2 for cars has a width of 43 m and a length of 105 m to cross the Strait2, and the length of the ramps is 300 m.
- 2 pedestrian bridges over Strait 3 and 4, the length of each bridge is 60 m.
- Bridges connecting the walkway and Strait Bridge 1, with a width of 4.6 m.
- Bridges south of the city of El Alamein.
- A bridge at the intersection of Wadi El Natroun Road / El Alamein with South Marina Road
- A bridge above the railway.
- Formation of the sides of lakes in the coastal area.
- Formation of the boundaries of artificial lakes with a water surface of 600,000 m2 (140 feddan) with a length of 5 km consisting of different sectors (beaches - deep external formation).

- Implementation of the straits protection and the beach of New El Alamein
-Execution works of marine barriers (firth) on the beaches of New El Alamein and around the openings of the straits to protect the beaches and the entrances to the lake straits, started with
El Massa barrier, then 30 m of the nucleus were run.

-Formation of the sides of the southern western lake in the coastal area of New El Alamein.
-Formation of the borders of artificial lakes with a length of 5 km. It consists of different sectors (deep external formations). 1000 m2 were excavated and leveled.
- The construction of the concrete structure for New El Alamein Towers
The construction of 3 towers in the coastal area was built on 40,000m2, m2. Each tower consists of a basement, ground floor, mezzanine, and 38 typical floors. The area of each floor is about 1450 meters, and the 3 towers are connected to a basement consisting of 5 floors used for commercial purposes. The towers are surrounded by 3 artificial lakes that flow into the Mediterranean Sea through 3 gates, crossed by bridges for pedestrians and others for cars not to impede movement within the tourist walkway that passes in front of the towers.

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