Improving Damietta entrance road - Egypt

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Development work includes upgrading the existing road starting from the intersection of the entrance to Damietta with the International Coastal Road, with a length of 2800 meters, so that each direction will have 3 traffic lanes with a width of 3.3 meters per lane, with a total of 10.7 meters for each direction, in addition to a service lane with a width of 3.5 meters in the right direction from Damietta to Port Said. In addition to the sidewalks and the central island work, the total width reached 30 metres. Besides the lighting poles and greenery on both sides of the road, as well as implementing a modern irrigation network made of polyethylene pipes and a rain drainage network.
In addition to these, the project includes the establishment of a sustainable garden, taking into account a number of economic and environmental aspects, recycling and treating salt water from Lake Manzala by establishing a treatment unit and reusing the water in irrigation instead of fresh water, while planting plants suitable for the treated water, in addition to using solar panels to light the garden, reusing and recycling old concrete pipes and old tires, and renovating a wooden boat and placing it inside a lake that will be implemented in the project to be an emblem for Damietta Governorate.

Ongoing Projects