Breakwaters at Alexandria Coastline - Egypt

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There are two submersible breakwaters in front of the area, from the Automobile Club in Bir Masoud to Al Mahrousa, with a length of 1,600 meters. The first breakwater is 1,100 meters long, and the next is about 500 meters long. They are implemented on a contour of approximately 6.50 meters, with a width of 40.0 meters and a height of 0.50 meters. The protection sector for the submersible breakwaters consists of a bed and core made of graded stones; its foot is made of tetrapod blocks weighing 3 tons and dolomite stones weighing 1-2 tons; and the main protection layer is made of tetrapod blocks weighing 7 and 10 tons. Besides, feeding with sand in the beach area behind submersible breakwaters with a width of about 30.0 meters.

Ongoing Projects