November 24, 2020

Ministers of transport, international cooperation and petroleum witness the signing of the civil works contract for the western part of Metro Line 4 - Phase 1

Major General Kamel El Wazir - Minister of Transport, Dr. Rania Al Mashat - Minister of International ‎Cooperation, Eng. Tarek El Mola Minister of Petroleum & Mineral Resources and Ambassador of Japan ‎to Cairo signed the civil works agreement for the western part of Cairo Metro Line ‎‏4‏‎ – Phase ‎‏1‏‎ ‎‎(Hadayek El Ashgar – El Mesaha) with a ‎length of ‎‏13.6 km. The project will be carried out by an Egyptian consortium of the Arab Contractors ‎Company as the “Consortium Leader” and includes Concord, Petrojet and Hassan Allam Sons. The Arab Contractors ‎Company will implement 3 stations in this phase: Grand Egyptian Museum – El Ahram – El Talbiya.
The contract was signed by Dr. Essam Wali – Head of National Authority for Tunnels, Eng. Sayed Farook ‎‎– President and CEO of the Arab Contractors, Eng. Waleed Lotfy – Chairman of Petrojet, Eng. Hassan ‎Allam – Chairman of Hassan Allam Sons and Eng. Ahmed El Abd – Chairman of Concord.‎
The signing ceremony was in the presence of the Arab Contractors ‎Company representatives, Eng. ‎Ahmed El Assar – Senior Vice Chairman ‎of the Arab Contractors Company, AC Board Members: Eng. ‎Tarek Saqr, ‎Dr. Mohammed Youssef and Eng. Ibrahim Mabrouk, Eng. Mohamed ‎Abou Deshish – ‎Project Supervisor and Eng. Amany Khodeir – Head of ‎Africa Projects Follow-Up Department.‎
Thus, the Transport Minister emphasized that the signing of the contract ‎is within the political ‎leadership’s directions to continue the ‎implementation of metro network according to the latest ‎technology ‎systems; this contributes to the maximization of the mass transit system in ‎Egypt. He ‎pointed out that Metro Line ‎‏4‏‎ has a great importance; it ‎extends for ‎‏42‏‎ km length and includes ‎‏38‏‎ ‎stations. The project is divided ‎into ‎‏2‏‎ phases.‎
He added that the total value of the signed contract for civil ‎works for the ‎western part of Cairo Metro ‎Line ‎‏4‏‎ – ‎Phase ‎‏1‏‎ is about ‎‏26‏‎ billion EGP ‎‎ (the ‎foreign part from the ‎Japanese loan and the Egyptian part ‎from the Public ‎Treasury Authority).‎
He pointed out that there are current negotiations with the ‎Egyptian ‎companies to implement the civil ‎works for the eastern ‎part which ‎extends from El ‎Mesaha ‎Station to Amr ibn El Aas Station ‎with ‎‏5.1‏km ‎length.‎
It is noteworthy that the utilities diversion works is ongoing and extends ‎from the west of the Ring ‎Road in ‎‏6‏‎ October City crossing Grand ‎Egyptian Museum to El Remaya Square then El Haram Street ‎to ‎interchange the passenger transport with the ‎‏2‏nd line of the metro at ‎Giza station, then it extends to ‎Amr ibn El Aas Station in El Fustat. Thus, ‎it links the governorates of Cairo, Giza and ‎‏6‏‎ October City.
It is noteworthy that ‎Cairo Metro Line ‎‏4‏‎ is the base for linking ‎‏6‏‎ ‎October City and New Cairo with the Metro ‎network. It provides ‎transportation service for the high density population areas in El ‎Haram – Faysal – ‎El Omraniya – Giza - Nasr City – Al Azhar University ‎‎– New Cairo. It is expected to transport ‎‏2‏‎ million ‎passengers ‎daily. In addition to these, the transport service will integrate ‎with the Monorail of ‎‏6‏‎ ‎October City.‎
The track of Cairo Metro Line ‎‏4‏‎ – Phase ‎‏1‏ is 18.8km length and includes 12 stations: Hadayek El Ashgar ‎- Hadayek El ‎Ahram – El Nasr - Grand ‎Egyptian Museum ‎- El Remaya Square – El Ahram – El Marrioutiya – Al Areesh – El Matbaa – El Talbiya – Madkour - El Mesaha Square. The Arab Contractors ‎Company ‎ “the Consortium Leader” ‎is carrying out works worth 6 billion EGP and include the stations of Grand Egyptian Museum – El Ahram – El Talbiya.‎ besides, the AC cooperates with Hassan Allam in the implementation of the tunneling works in the following stations: El Nasr - Grand Egyptian Museum – El Remaya – El Ahram – El Matbaa – El Talbiya with a total length 4.504km.

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