Beni Suef Bridge - Egypt

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Owner: Ministry of Transport and Communication – General Authority for Roads and Bridges
Contractor: The Arab Contractors (Osman Ahmed Osman & Co.) – Bridges Department
Consultants: The Arab Consulting Engineers. Dr. A.Moharram – Dr. M.Bakhoum
Date of handling over: 20 October 1985

The bridge connects Beni Suef City (West) with the eastern area crossing the River Nile.
- Length: 1086 metres
- Width: 21 metres

one caisson and 268 benoto piles diameter 1.30 metres. No. of piers: 18 (12 of it in the water way)

prestressed concrete
Prestressing system: longitudinal in webs and top slab:
Dywidag multiple strand tendons 12 - 0.6 inches steel 1570/1770 Transverse prestressing in top slab
Dywidag multiple strand tendons 4 - 0.6 inches steel 170/190
Shear bars: Dywidag single bar tendons ? 36mm steel 1835/1030

System of construction:
Cantilever Carriage System over the River Nile for constructing 174 metres.