Mohamed Naguib Bridge - Egypt

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The bridge consists of 3 lanes in each direction, with a length of 950 m, to connect the northern and southern axes of Muhammad Naguib, and intersects with the North 90th and South 90th axis, along with an entrance for those coming from the South 90th and heading to the Suez Road, and an exit for those coming from the Suez Road and heading to the South 90th axis as well. The project aims to link the Suez and Ain Sokhna roads, and reduce traffic loads on South 90th and North 90th roads.

South 90th Bridge:
The structural system: box sections.
Length of concrete bridge: 87m.
Width of bridge: 20m.
Number of lanes: 3 lanes.
Length of retaining walls: 400m.ton.

North 90th Bridge:
The structural system: box sections+ precast beams.
Length of concrete bridge: 75m.
Width of bridge: 25.4 m
Number of lanes: 3 lanes
Length of retaining wall: 320m.ton
Length of ramp1: 125m.
Length of ramp2: 125m.