Al Amiriya Bridge - Egypt

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Al Amiriya Bridge is considered one of the national projects which will contribute on achieving traffic liquidity in the Capital; it comes within the governmental plan to develop the squares of Heliopolis. The Arab Contractors Company executed it under the supervision of the Engineering Authority of the Armed Forces. It will eliminate the traffic congestion in the intersections of Al Amiriya Square and serves the comer from the Water Utility Street heading to Al Sawah Street. Besides, there is outlet towards the extension of Port Said Street at the direction of Al Cablat Street; consequently, there will be traffic liquidity on the surface level. The total length of the bridge is 630m approx. It extends from the Water Utility Street to El Sawah Street with a length of 520m. It includes an inlet in the Water Utility Street with 11.10m width. Besides, an outlet along Port Said Street towards El Cablat Street and another one in El Sawah Street with a length of 225m. Its width varied between 8.30m to 9.30m. There were many challenges which have been overcome such as: the huge wastewater sewers with 5m internal diameter, diversion of wastewater pipelines with 1200mm diameter, water lines with varied diameters from 300 to 800mm, in addition to the electricity cables, gas lines and telecommunications.