Banha Bridge - Egypt

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This project consists of a tunnel, bridge works and a road with length 5.5km as follows:

1.Bridges works:
Two elevated pre-stressed concrete bridges:
First: Part crossing Damietta branch and Banha/Zefta railway, with length 1300m, and the navigation vent width is 120m.
Second: Another part crossing el rayah el Tawfiky, length of the concrete part is 135 m, the navigation vent width is 57m, and the total width of the bridge is 26 meters (3 lanes in each direction).

2.Roads works:
Joining the Nile Bridge and el-rayah Bridge with Cairo / Alexandria agricultural road with total length of 4325 m.

3.Tunnel works:
Cars tunnel on kafr saad road and another one for the pedestrians with total length 40 m, and width 10 m in both directions and height 4.25 m.