El Kebash Bridge - Egypt

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El Kebash Bridge in Luxor. The road's objective is to connect the East and West Nile in order to help El Kebash archaeological road become a tourist attraction.
Two bridges span the archaeological El Kabash road in Luxor, with an average length of 65 meters, to transfer traffic from the airport road to the city.
El Mathan Bridge and the Airport Bridge; the width of the bridge above El Kabash Road is 25 meters.
The length of the steel span is 64 meters.
(10) main beam
(88) transverse beams.
The objective of the project is:
Adding a cultural dimension to the city in addition to its historical value, by completing the discovery of the extent of visibility of the archaeological Rams Road from Luxor Temple to Karnak Temple.
Developing and beautifying the ancient Rams Road and the archaeological path to add a new tourist attraction to the ancient city.
Linking the east of the city with its west via the road passing over the ancient El Kebash road.
Increasing traffic flow from east to west of the city by expanding the bridge's entrances and exits.