Azmi Hydraulic Bridge – Port Said - Egypt

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The bridge is considered the First Hydraulic one of its kind to transfer the Heavy Transport Vehicles and Containers in Port Said, facilitate the navigation for the Suez Canal whither to or from the custom zone in Port Said.
The project scope of work:
Navigational span could be open and closed, 4 concrete spans. The bridge total length is 320m; width 15m, the steel span weight is about 156 tons, its dimension is 19.2m length and 14.8m width and the space between the columns is 22m.
The bridge is equipped with a complete security system to control the speed of opening and closing depending on hydraulic pipes to control the weight-bearing arm to stabilize the bridge during closing and to lift and lowering the span of the bridge towards the circulation axis for its being open to the extreme degree achieving 70 degree.