New Delta Water Treatment Plant - Egypt

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Client: Ministry of Defense, Armed Forces Engineering Authority.

Executing agency: JV of the Arab Contractors Company, Metito, Orascom Construction, and Hassan Allam.

The New Delta Project is one of the mega projects in the agricultural field, the Agricultural Wastewater Treatment Plant in El Hammam area, North Coast with a capacity of 7.5 million m3 of water/day. in Egypt that will be utilized to achieve the food security.
The agricultural drainage water in North Delta would be collected, then transferred to El Hammam Wastewater Treatment Plant through a 120 km-long water route.
The main objective to reclaim and cultivate 500.000 feddans in West Delta within the framework of the state’s strategy to expand the agricultural area all over the republic, develop the Western Desert Region, and form new agricultural and population communities depend on agricultural production and industrialization.
The New Delta Treatment Plant aims on a strategic scale to remove pollution from Marriout Lake and the Mediterranean Sea coast in Alexandria and, in parallel, cultivate an area characterized by the quality of arable land and the subsequent development activities in all fields.
The New Delta Treatment Plant also contributes effectively to mitigating climate change in the existing Delta area, drains, and pumping stations by diverting wastewater and floods that contribute to the sinking of lands in Behira Governorate to the New Delta area. During rainy and flood seasons, irrigation water can be reduced from the High Dam, as the New Delta Project contributes to absorbing this surplus water.
The New Delta Treatment Plant is part of the state’s strategy for water resources until 2050 and the National Water Plan "2017-2037", as it represents a major artery for the establishment of a New Delta to achieve real sustainable development, which brings prosperity to citizens.